Tuesday, 19 May 2015

May 17, 2015 - Lots of teaching

Cool little stories this week, we had 11 Investigator lessons with a member present, which is a lot. Normally throughout my mission I'd normally get about 4-6 a week, so we had a sick week,
If things go right, our area should have baptisms every week (excluding one) for the next 5 weeks!
On Sunday I went on splits with Brother Raj (the last picture I sent) my companions went out to Lundu, and I stayed to help do sacrament out in Siol Kandis (a "village" (still in Kuching) about 8km away from the church (and no one has transport))  That was a lot of fun to go around with a young man as my companion, he borrowed Elder Ee's bike and we biked all the way out there it was a blast.
We got a new investigator this week from a potential we were working with, her name is A, and she goes to school with one of the youth who live in Siol Kandis. The only problem being that she can only occasionally leave her school, but were gonna try to work with it :P

Anyways, what's up in Canada

Oh ya, also we had a youth activity on Saturday (hence the picture of all the youth at McDonalds) that went really well, we had 15 youth (and/or the 20 year old leaders) (so actually only 13 youth) and it was such a good activity!

anyways jumpa lagi!
Elder Bester

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