Monday, 4 May 2015

May 3 2015 - Lots of stories!

Ok cool stories this week
So we were going out to a lesson, with investigators in Elder Ee's previous area, and I ask him "Hey do they have any word of wisdom problems" and he says "Of course not" So we get there, and there is a group of guys in the house, all of which are smoking and plastered...
We talk to them for a bit, and one guy is just going off in Iban, and as my companions don't speak Iban, he was only talking to me... so I was listening to this drunk guy go off about how he knows our church is true, just he is a sinner, so doesn't want to come to church. I explain that like, the point of church is to fix our problems, and he continues to ask me if I take these medications is it ok to come to church, so at this point I'm apprehensive, and I ask him what kind of medications... and he says "They help me focus" so I thought they were probably ADD medications or something of the sorts, and he pulls out the bottle, and I look at the label, and the first thing they say is "No, it's different than whats on the label" he then unscrews the cap, pours it onto his hand, and white powder, followed by a rock of cocaine fall on to his hand!!!!
So immediately I say "ok we have to go, we have an appointment" and Elder Ee says "What? We don't have an appointment!" 
So we got out of there... haha
another story, so we had exchanges this week, and me and Elder Davie stayed in Matang, and Elder Ee went to Batu Kawah with Elder Christensen (one of the ZL)
on his return, he tells us "Elder Christensen gave me acne medication" and immediately red flags go up in my mind, and I ask him to see the pills... and turns out, there was a huge language issue, and Elder Ee actually had Malaria pills... not acne meds, and had just taken 2... and to add worry, they were expired by a year, luckily there were no major side effects, but it was hilarious.
Ok so miracles this week!
A less active young woman had asked us to start teaching her brother who had not been baptized yet, so we met her family (her Dad is currently sick and at his home village) and the mom said that she hadn't met with the missionaries in 3 years, wants to come back to church, and wants her 2 un-baptized children baptized! The next time we met her she showed us all the other of age kids who weren't baptized yet! so we picked up 2 New Investigators, and 8 more to come in the coming weeks!
We had a family from Lundu (about an hour drive) come to church last week, and the Mom asked us to teach her son (11 years old) so the branch had an activity out in Lundu and we taught her son, and he is also on date for baptism! So once a week we will do a phone lesson and then once a week we will go out to Lundu to teach him!
We also had 2 random girls show up at church last week and they stayed for 2nd hour! They are now learning also!
And one of the investigators who we are teaching (J) (normally we meet her during her lunch hour on sundays) just accepted the date of 27/6/2015!
anyways, it's been a crazy week!
Jumpa Lagi,

Elder Bester

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