Friday, 11 October 2013

Oct 10 Email

Hey family :)

So I'm running out of time, so please excuse the more frequent than normal spelling mistakes, as I'm trying to fit as much as I can in.  (I fixed them before posting on the blog!)

1st I finished the Book of Mormon yesterday! I started when I got here, and finished last night, so I'm trying to finish Doctrine and Covenants before I get to Singapore.
2nd I LOVE THE IPOD YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!! IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! (But I can't listen to it in the MTC so I "tested the speakers" yesterday)

I sent a really long email to granny nanny so I'm out of time.

I'm actually getting kicked off the computer.

I hope you're doing great, I'll write a letter today.

Jumpa Lagi
Elder Bester

Oh maybe it's working again.

I love the MTC, and honestly I have never felt so good, and spiritually involved in my life :) I love the letters, pictures, and various other things you guys send me :)
I've been here for a month as of tomorrow! that's crazy! (also this is actually longer than the email i sent granny nanny)

IT's going to be weird being the only one celebrating thanks giving. I hope you guys have fun, and Katie doesn't beat up the boys too much.

Love you all :)

(The pictures is guys from my zone, not my companions... long story...)

(and a blurry picture of me and Adam)

Me and Al (from Calgary, Jordan knows him)

also what happens if you leave your camera laying around in your class
also I bought an indo hymn book and I'm just sending pics until my companions are done
MY companion (Elder Harr) locking out Elder Jensen

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