Tuesday, 22 October 2013

October 6 Letter

Hey Besters :)

So I hope you guys got all the pictures I sent, it's some of my highlights here :)

So I want to start by saying I love you guys so much :)

The ipod "that I didn't know about :)" was the best thing I've gotten like ... ever :P

I love the music on it, like honestly, opening it was the greatest feeling I've ever had, and I'm super excited to listen to it in the field :)

(as I said in my email, no music dalam (in oops!) MTC)

When I wake up tomorrow I'm a month in! Holy Cow, I've been gone so long!

I emailed Granny Nanny my balloon wish, so she'll probably be crying the entire Thanksgiving, I also sent her a little paragraph to the family, so there will be many people crying :)

I'm starting to accidentally say Malay words when I write ha ha. Obviously only some words as I'm not fluent ha ha.

Well I didn't do this in my last email because I wanted to send pictures, and that takes a lot of time so.....


1. Does Padoch still like... live at our house, cause I've openly called him my black brother, and I wonder if he still is... and if he does I'll give him a question too :P

2. In terms of sports...umm what's going on, I mean, Bro. Molcak told me that Calgary sucked this year, and Jordan said Giordano is the captain (and that's awesome) but that's all I know...

3. How is YW w/o me there? Can you guys please put on like the FB page that I love them all, hope they're having fun, and studying lots... and remind them what my email is... :)

4. Hey Troy! Are you better than Jordan at basketball now?

5. Katie! I love the pictures you send, and the crafts, and you are by far my favorite sister :)
ha ha but actually how is grade 6? Any boys....?

6. Luke, are you still leading in fumble recoveries? Is your team gonna make playoffs?

7. JB! Finally a date!

8. Hey mom & dad, thanks a million for the ipod, and everything you've taught me.

I'm sorry all my letters are so short, but I really don't have much time in the MTC and I'm not allowed to write letters on any other day.

Love you all
Take care!

Jumpa lagi

Elder Bester

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