Wednesday, 16 October 2013

October letter

Hey Bester Family!

So it sounds like everything at home is wonderful :) It's nice every week to get the emails from you guys, and I always love geting the weekly letter with the pictures :)

Hey Troy! I hope your arm gets better dude :)
I hear that you're really "fun" to watch play basketball (Luke mentioned ADD) and I heard you're super good :)
Do you know how to swim yet? You have to replace me next year, so you can carry the family on your back :)

Katie :) I absolutely loved the craft :)
You have to kick butt at the thanksgiving football weekend, and don't hurt those boys too badly :)
I hope you're enjoying your last year at Simons Valley. How's being the top dog?

Luke! Why did you let the Cowboys beat you by so much :P
How was the Swordfish awards? Did you take my tropies :P Cause your name will be on there soon, you'll be the start of the Bester Dynasty :)
What does your school year look like for sports?

Jordan! Swerve, Swaggy, Yo ish, Yall freeze in this ish, trifecta, beezwheat, yilk silk kilk... "hulk" lucky!
Anyways that's all I can remember at the moment :P
I love you bro, work hard dud, I miss you like cray.

Mom & Dad I'm so grateful for everything you've taught me & given me :)

Well guys I really love the MTC, I'm really going to miss thanksgiving, we can't play football. We can't even play touch rugby! How bogus is that!

Oh Jordan! Guap!

Anyways I love you guys :)

We were told to make sure when you write home to mention spiritual experiences.
So I'll write a bit about what I call "simple testimony"

From week 1, the strongest part of my lessons was always my testimony. For a long time this was what my testimony was.

Saya tahu Kitab Mormon benar
I know Book of Mormon true
Joseph Smith nabi bugi Tuhan
Joseph Smith prophet for God
Geneja Yesus Kristus orang suchi zamm akhir benat!
LDS church true!

You get the idea, basic words, "caveman talk" but there was no sugar coating, no elegant words, pure testimony, and going back to the simple roots has really strengthened my testimony.

Along side has been my Book of Mormon reading, which I'm in Helaman now since I got to the MTC.
I encourage you guys to read the Book of Mormon as much as you can :) I got a picture with Adam like 10 minutes ago... So I'll send that home eventually.

Ima write my testimony in Malay, it's gonna be brutal spelling, so Google Translate might not pick it up ha ha.

Saya tahu Kitab Mormon lebih bethul bahawa semun buku lain. Saya sayang Kitab Mormon, dan tahu Kitab Mormon membonta saya.
Saya tahu gereja Yesus Kristus orang suchi zaman akhir benal, dan saya tahu sudikit atau kecil bahasa malaysia, tetapi saya tahu banyakhal tentang injil dari bapa Syurgawi dan saya sayang Yesus Kristus dan Korban Tebusan nya
Dalam namn Yesus Kristus
- Amin

(So far, here's my translation. Not sure if the problem is the spelling or the handwriting!)

I know the Book of Mormon more bethul that semun other books. I love the Book of Mormon, and I know the Book of Mormon membonta.
I know the Church of Jesus Christ suchi Benal last days, and I know sudikit or small malaysia language, but I know about the gospel of banyakhal Heavenly father and I love Jesus Christ and his Atonement
In namn Jesus Christ
- Amen

I love you guys. Miss you tremendously.

Jumpa Lagi
Elder Bester

ps. Even on pdays I'm super busy, sorry it's only 6 pages. I have so little time ha ha, I might send my journal home before I leave the MTC, I've written around 120 pages... so it will be full before I'm done here

p.s.s Could you send something to hold letters etc in? like a binder...

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  1. Hello! My name is Daniel Canaveral. I came across your message on the Singapore Alumni Mission page on Facebook, and was fortunate enough to find your son’s mission blog. It’s been almost 7 years since returning from the field and I miss it like crazy! I’ve found reading mission blogs of elders and sisters currently serving to be therapeutic in easing my anxiety, however, so I hope you don’t mind my following. ☺
    If I may, I’d like to make some revisions/additions to your translation of your son's testimony:

    I know the Book of Mormon is “more true [than]” (lebih betul [daripada]) “all” (semua) other books. I love the Book of Mormon, and know the Book of Mormon “helps” (membantu) me.
    I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day “Saints” (orang suci) is “true” (benar), and I know a “little” (sedikit) or small [amount] of the Malay language, but I know “many things” (banyak hal) about Heavenly Father’s Gospel and I love Jesus Christ and His Atonement.
    “In the name” (dalam nama) of Jesus Christ
    - Amen

    Great testimony! I’m sure your son will be a blessing to many souls living throughout my beloved Malaysia and Singapore!

    - Brother Canaveral