Monday, 14 October 2013

Thanksgiving Message

Hey family, I want to start by saying that I am having the best time and opportunity I could possibly have, I am learning so much about myself, my beliefs, and hard work. I am still in Provo, but I am leaving to Singapore shortly, and am excited to get to work, and teach in a language that I am finding both challenging and rewarding, as I become more and more fluent.

As excited as I am about my opportunity that awaits me, the experiences I'll have, and the growth, both mental and physical, I still miss my family dearly, and wish you all the best, as I spend my first thanksgiving without the tight family bond, that is woven together every year.

I am going to miss the dinner, the balloons, the pumpkins, and my crazy siblings and cousins :) I'm really going to miss the annual football weekend :)

Best of luck to you all in the next year, and I love you all dearly.

With love, Jumpa Lagi (jewm-paw law-gee)

Elder Bester

Well, as I said in that, I will really miss thanksgiving, and hope everyone is doing fantastic :)

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